Time for a new 'Spritz'

We have been ‘busy bees’ here at MAROURDE HQ, working tirelessly to perfect our honey wine ...

5 fun facts about mead

Here are some tantalising titbits that you may not have known about our beloved beverage…

Refreshing the world’s oldest drink at Marourde

William Boscawen and Scott Gebbie talk about modernising traditional mead as a contemporary craft…

Kent Food product of the year 2018

As the summer comes into full swing, we will be at a few events, gently spreading the good word of mead. What we hope...

Changing preconceptions

We're changing the way we view mead. There's 7000 years of history in this drink - but because of the many ways you c...

When the boss comes to visit

My son, aka The Boss, doesn't expect results. He demands them. So to meet these, we have started to look at a new pr...
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