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We know that there isn’t enough space in the fridge for all the lines you’d like to stock. We know that bigger players are able to offer all kinds of incentives. We also know that you’ll want to stock drinks that people already know about.

But having seen how mead’s taking off in the States and taking into account the enduring appeal of independent wine-makers and distilleries, we think that the market’s ripe for a little honey-based shake-up.

And here’s something else we know: We won’t succeed if you don’t.

As Kent’s Drink of the Year in 2018, we know we have a great product and when you’ve tasted it we think you’ll agree. And if you do, we’d love to bring you down to show you the winery. (And if we happen to sample a fair bit for research purposes then that’s only to be expected.)

Contact us or – even better – give us a call on 01622 817 795 if you’d like a sample.

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